Height – Weight & Developmental Disorders

Low Height

Children with short stature face many praoblems in their social and personal life. They also lose their confidence which ultimately affects their future and career too. But Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda is a saviour for these children as it helps them grow taller upto 2 to 4 inches with Ayurvedic Medications and some lifestyle modifications. Children are saved from the social embarrassment.

best ayurvedic doctor in pune - Dr. Arvind Mehare
best ayurvedic doctor in pune - Dr. Arvind Mehare

Low Weight

Low Weight may be due to various underlying causes like Malnutrition, Malabsorption Syndrom, Pthisis, Indigestion, Worm Infestation. Children are seen gaining weight which remains constant with the help of Ayurveda.

Overweight Children / Child Obesity

Child obesity has become a major concern of seriousness amongst the paediatricians of the country these days. Overweight children are seen commonly everywhere because of todyas wrongly lifestyle that is being followed. This issue has led to alrming conditions as the incidences of Obesity related complications are raising day by day. Child obesity hampers social as well as personal life of such children.

best ayurvedic doctor in pune - Dr. Arvind Mehare

Delayed Milestones

Proper and systematic increse in height and body weight of children, improvements in their intelligence and grasping, proper teething and walking etc are considered as the Milestones in the normal developmental age of a child. Due to some underlying cause, these milestones are seen being delayed, which affects the physical as well as mental growth of the child. While the Modern Science isnt having much scope in this regard, Ancient Science of Life, Ayurveda has some Answers for this.

Rickets and Kwashiorkar

These are some major and important conditions which seriously affect the physical development of a child. Surprising results can be seen with Ayurvedic treatments in these conditions.

best ayurvedic doctor in pune - Dr. Arvind Mehare
best ayurvedic doctor in pune - Dr. Arvind Mehare

Malnutrition – Protein – Energy Malnutrition

Malnutrion is the condition where child may suffer from Hypo or Hyper intake / absorption of essential nutrients, showing various symptoms affecting his normal health.

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