The family is the most important unit of society. A stable family environment is absolutely essential for the nurture of children. It is here that an individual imbibes values and learns life skills. Family means affinity, oneness and co- existence with love. It is about being bonded by the power of love. Knowing that it is all for one and one for all. It is about forgiveness and patience. About freedom, understanding, standing by each other when all else falls. It is also love, attachment & gratitude.
From time immemorial Indian society has promoted the joint family. And rightly so! For whatever its disadvantages, the joint family provides an ideal environment for bringing up children. The presence of a large, stable extended family helps children pick up social skills and learn the art of harmonious and altruistic corporate living. It is here that ethical and moral values are imbibed.
Such an environment produces good and stable human beings who are an asset to any society because these individuals bring to society what they received within the family.
We can safely aver therefore that society in the macrocosm reflects the family in the microcosm.
In recent times the joint family has given way to the nuclear family. What once was the joint responsibility of many individuals now rests solely on the husband-wife pair. Added to this the extended family which functioned as a buffer to and arbiter of conflicts is no longer available. Together with today’s fast and furious life style, change in values and man’s greed and self-centeredness, we appear to be sitting on a powder keg. And the signs are all there.
  • Families are falling apart.
  • The divorce rate is soaring.
  • Domestic violence is increasing
  • A high percentage of children need counseling
  • Teenage pregnancies are becoming common and so forth
Having recognized the enormity of the problem and the need for urgent action, our priority is to help the family overcome their differences and to promote cordial relationship between the members so that the health of the family is restored.

Marital or couple counseling is an effective approach to treatment when the well being of a relationship is compromised by problems of communication and by the influence of unresolved conflicts. Couples are helped to understand particular triggers to deeper, underlying issues, to be able to more directly and productively express their needs and feelings, and to respond to each other in a more loving and compassionate way. The couple is helped to explore the beliefs and expectations each partner holds for their marriage and that in some way may be contributing to the difficulties they are experiencing. Couples can be helped to manage strong feelings so that conflicts do not escalate in an unproductive, harmful fashion.
Couple therapy is a safe place to help facilitate communication between you and your partner. Therapy typically consists of face to face meetings between the counselor and the couple.

Family therapy is a particularly useful mode of treatment when family dynamics and functioning are problematic. In family therapy the focus is the family unit itself. The family therapist works from an understanding that all parts of the family are interrelated and that change in one area affects the overall functioning of the whole. Many a times, when family members have difficulty, there are patterns of interaction that have become destructive to the well being of the family. In working with the family, it enables the therapist to address the problems of family members by directly intervening the context in which the difficulties occur that reinforces them. Interventions focus on addressing and modifying the obstacles which exist in the family system, helping family members communicate with one another in a productive way, and in helping them work together toward more effective problem resolution.

Stress can affect you throughout your life. Children who are bullied at school suffer enormous stress, and many older people carry the burden of caring for a sick relative. However, it is stress at work that we hear the most about today. The main factors increasing job stress appear to be the rapid pace of change and lack of control over work. Whatever, the type of stress, our therapists help you manage stress by responding in appropriate ways. An optimistic outlook helps people deal better with stress.

Sexual abuse is a traumatic experience, but it doesn’t have to ruin your life. Many who have been willing or unwilling victims of incest or molestation have memories which deny them the freedom to live freely without hate, bitterness, resentment, and fear.We can help you get over the trauma and put your life back on the track.

The loss of a loved one is distressing for anyone, but some may find that the grief will not go away or that they need some help to heal and move on. Grief and loss counselling can help people deal with these feelings and find peace. There are many different techniques of grief counselling and not every technique is appropriate for everyone. After analysing an individual case suitable therapies are recommanded.