Common Allergies & Sensitivity Disorders

Dust Allergy

Sneezing, Cough, Cold, Running Nose, etc symptoms are seen in children suffering with Dust Allergy. Anti Histaminics and Anti Allergics are the class of drugs used against it which help in supression of these symptoms but not sure about their complete elimination. Ayurvedic Remedies help children suffering from Dust Allergy to lead a Normal Life again, that to without any recurrence.

ayurvedic treatment in pune
ayurvedic treatment in pune

Food allergy

Body showing intolerance towards certain food articles is known as Food Allergy. Children may suffer from any kind of Food allergy like Lactose Intolerance, Gluten Intolerance, Milk Products or Egg Products Intolerance to name a few. Detoxification Therapies mentioned in Ayurveda, popularly known as Panchakarma help in excretion of certain endotoxins saturated over a period of time in the body. And medicines help in building immunity aginst such toxic materials. Hence, releiving from such Allergies in turn.

Skin Allergies

Children may develop Skin Rashes, Redenning, Swelling, Pustules, Eczema, etc as a result of Skin allergy. The allergy may be due any reason like New Clothes, Water, etc. Skin diseases respond better to Ayurvedic treatment modalities and the results are long lasting without side effects.

ayurvedic treatment in pune
child ayurvedic specialist in pune - Dr. Arvind Mehare

Seasonal Allergies

Usually children with low immunity or other underlying conditions fall pray to Seasonal allergies like Pollen Grain allergy or Hey fever, etc which makes their life miserable. Ayurveda advices Detoxification therapies not just according to the Seasons but also according to specific diseases as well. Making a better and wise use of these modalities along with selected ayurvedic medicines, can help one in complete elimination of these Seasonal Allergies.

Photo Sensitivity

The condition also comes under Skin disorders or Allergic conditions as it is often mentioned as. Photo sensitivity is nothing but intolerance to Sunlight, causing burning, blackening, redenning or rashes on the skin. Pustules may also arise. Such conditions are handled better with Ayurvedic approach which involves internal as well as external medication.

child ayurvedic specialist in pune - Dr. Arvind Mehare
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