How To Increase Height

Growing tall & taller is a wish that is increasingly popular with the children, Youth & their parents, Height is unite of Growth & everyone finding how to increase height. There are several factors responsible for your height grow.

We have been running the height increase program in our shri Vishwadatta Ayurved, child health care center last 20 years. In shri Vishwadatta Ayurved a Holistic way to increase height grow program is a research base signature program of childveda or child ayurved. In this  program you can increase your  height without any surgery, without any side effects. Our specialized Ayurvedic medicine are used to increase your height. This Ayurvedic medicine is customized program according to your Prakriti as well as boys, girls there symptoms

In this program we have taken the help of all relevant sciences for the maximum benefit of the student under going the program.

The program is based mainly on Ayurveda. The ancient texts of Ayurved & our research  have been consulted.
This program is for those children, Youth who are short stature, whose height is not increasing accordingly to age. This program leads to significant height increase without disturbing your daily activities. Height is very natural for anybody to feel the desire to look good. There are many things that matter to make you a good-looking personally. Just being tall gives you a headstart in this department
” You with you were taller  ,Your parents with you were taller,  The proper action taken at the right time is the Key to growing tall. So how do you go about it? ” Shri Vishwadatt Ayurveda’s specialised Ayurvedic treatments cover the subject of height from all aspects & gives simple, easy to follow instructions on diet & exercise along with our specialised natural Ayurvedic Herbal medicine & several important things that will help you grow taller or to increase height

There are many things which have an effects on a Childrens or a person’s final heights
1)  Race

2) Genetic

3) Hormones

4) Early Puberty

5) Prakriti

6) Sound sleep

7) Diseases

    • Race

      Our world is populated by many different races like the Caucasians, Orientals, Negroid, Europe, USA, India etc. All races have their distinct physical characteristics. In India also different races from Himalaya to Kanyakumari have their distinct physical characteristics. Himalayan sides have a taller than Kanyakumari. In India we generally fall in the middle category concerning height.

    • Genetic

      Genetics play the largest role in determining how tall you will be. It’s estimated that about 80% of your height is determined by your genetics, 20% is influenced external factors.
      If both or either of the parents is short there are chances that the offspring too will be short. It depends on the dominant gene at the embryonic stage. But, if in either family blood relations, there are tall people then there can be a tall offspring.
      According to Ayurveda we inherits some constituents from our Fathers & Mothers. During development & growth of the fetus the paternal constituents are hair, nails, fine body hair, teeth, bones, vessels, nerves etc, Hard part of the body comes from the fathers & soft from the mothers, Height depends on the whose gene dominant mother’s sides or fathers. Then it has a definite impact on the physique of the child

    •  Hormones

      Hormones play an important part during the growing up year & are responsible for our normal & proper growth. Hormones there is any defect, due to any reason in any Thyroid gland, Parathyroid gland, Pituitary gland, Gonads & Adrenal glands then it will affects the height of the childrens adversely i.e. one may remain too short or grow too tall.” But this is a treatable condition of our specialized Ayurvedic treatments.

    •  Prakriti

      A system of classification exists in Ayurveda, where a person is classified as having a specific body type, which is called his/ her prakriti This  classification is based on the ratio of three main constituents Vata, Pitta Kapha of our body called the three Humors.
      These humors have their specific qualities & characteristics, with they lend to a person. All three humors are present in each of us but in different proportions. So. whichever humor is dominant. when a body is developing, the person acquires the qualities of that humour & so we say that the person has that Prakriti i.e Vata, Pitta, Kapha, Vatapitta, Vatakapha, Pittavata likes. Whichever the Prakriti the humors impart their qualities to the individuals giving us a defined set of characteristics. In terms of height, the vata persons can grow quite tall but due to hyperactivity or less nutrition they can remain very short too. Pitta persons grow up to be medium height, whereas in the case of kapha persons.

    • Sound sleep 

      Get the right amount of sleep, Sound sleep play the important roles in height growth, less than the recommended amount of sleep, it may lead to complications, During sound sleep body secrete essential Hormones, your body releases HGH while you sleep. Production of this hormone & others may go down if you aren’t getting  enough shut-eye

  • Here is how much sleep is recommended for various age groups
  • 1) New borns up to 3 months old – 14-17 hrs
    2) Intants 4-12 months old – 12-16 hrs
    3) Toddlers 1-2 years. 11-14 hrs
    4) Young childrens 3-5 years 10-13 hrs
    5) Childrens 6-13 years 9-12 hrs
    6) Teenagers age. 14-17 years – 8-10 hrs
    7) Adutes 18 to 24 → 7-9 hrs

    • Early puberty or Precocious puberty 

      Children with early puberty or precocious puberty their bones mature more quickly than normal, they often stop growing earlier than normal. This can cause them to be shorter than averages as adults.
      We found that boys & girls who hit puberty relatively earlier than their peers were at a greater risk of poor health corresponding shorter height then normal.

  • Diseases- 

    Dorfizm, Down syndrome, Turnes syndrome,
    Williams syndrome, Pickets a chondrodysplasia , Bone cancer, Gastrointestinal diseases, IBS,
    Thyroid, kidney diseases, Immunological Disease


How to grow Height? And why is it important?

It is very natural for anyone to feel the desire to look good, To Reveal Personality, Gaining Confidence, Sports, Making A Good Impression, Modeling Hospitality Business, Front Desk Jobs, Marriage, Defense Services, – Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Air Hostess, etc everywhere height is an important personality parameter. In my experience of last 20 years, it has come to my notice that there is a lot of wrong infornmation among parents about increasing height. The reason for which is, whenever parents go to other doctors and enquire about why there is no growth in height of children, they get only one answer that, increasing height is a natural process and cannot be treated, as it is a genetic process. Thyroid, early period, has started due to Hormonal changes. And if in your Bone X-ray it shows that bone has been fused and because of this height cannot increase and Growth Hormonal Treatment is the only treatment but it has many side effects. Parents share such experiences with us and hence they get disappointed and do not get the correct treatment. I want to tell all these parents that for the last 20 years our Shri Vishwadatta Ayurved child health care centre has successfully treated thousands of cases related to increase in height among children. Such an Ayurvedic treatment method has been developed, through which if there is any hinderance in the growth of height among children, then 100% of increase in height is guaranteed.
According to Ayurveda when we think of Increasing height, we take into consideration the Element Of Aether / Space ( i.e Aakash) , because growth needs space. Out of Tridosh – which are Vata, Pitta & Kapha, natural cough is important, and all of the Saptadhatu – the seven bodily tissues which are Rasa dhatu – fluids, Rakta dhatu-elements of blood, Meda dhatu-lubricating system of the body, Asthi dhatu- Bones, Majja dhatu-intellect and memory, Shukra dhatu-Reproductive Needs, Mamsa dhatu-muscle and tissues all are vital in order to grow Bone (Asthidhatu).
Considering this body composition, height can be increased naturally by using our successful modified Ayurvedic treatment on it. And it does not have any side effect either. That’s why I want to say to all the parents that as soon as you notice that your child’s height is not developing, then one should not hesitate to visit us at our centre or consult with us online. We provide medications that can be given from the age group of 2-24 years.


Diet for Height Increase

You are a kid who loves eating out & who gets his/her with Fulfilled most times, one thinks burgers & bhel, Pizza & Samosa are simply cool, but ghar ka khana, Roti (chapati) & Sabzi, dal rice are to be eaten only because Mom says so, then you are certainly headings. down trouble street, if not already there.
It does seen a lot of fuss when your Parents insist that you –
-1) Eat at Home -2) Eat your vegetables, fruits & salads.

Diet- Say “Yes” to-

1) All home made Indian food- whole grains, chapati Bhakari Roti/ Parathas, Theplas, thalipeeths etc. makes by – Wheat, Jowas, Bajra, Corn, Nachani , Varai

2)Pulses – Moog. Masoor, Took, Rajama, Chawali

3) Vegetables – Pumkin, all Green leafies, Pudina, shevaga, leady fingar, Batata, Flower, Beet Root, carrot, cucumber etc.

4) Fruits- All Fresh & Seasonal Fruits

5) Fruit Juices or sherbets. made by using Fresh ingredients or preserved with, lemon, kokam, Amala, Orange, mango, grapes, Guava, Apple, chiku, sweet lemon etc.

6) Salads. Carrots, Cucumbers & Beet Root

7 )Milk- Cows Milk (For getting Natural Calcium )

8) Ghee – Preferably made from cows mille

9) Cheese Paneer – in small quantities, Home made butter.

10) Dry Fruits Walnuts almonds, figs, apricots, black rasing , dates.

11) Non Vegetarian- – Eggs, seafood,  mutton, chicken, prepared by steaming or boiling or cooking with less spices.

Diet- Say “No” to / Or Avoid –

1) Junk food, Fermented Food, Bekary  product, too much oil food, Tinned

2) Soft drinks, Avoid chemical sherbets, Canned juices

3) Refined flour, maida, white bread

 Exercise of Height Increase:

Exercise basically means a disciplined & planned movement of our body . It is my of our earnest request to all – that please continue some form of exercise thoughout your life.
You neither need any equipment nor a large space to exercise. Just yourself & a small space in a room will be enough. We have designed an specialised
exercise program for increasing your height. Do following exercises daily, 30 to 45  minutes

  1. Skipping – maximum- 300 times
  2. Suryanamaskar
  3. Shirshasan
  4. Padmasana
  5. Paschimottanasan
  6. Sarvangasana
  7. Vrukshasan
  8. Matsyasana
  9. Tadasan
  10. Bhujangasana
  11. Dhanurasana
  12. Bhushirasana
  13. Trikonasan
  14. Spot jogging
  15. Pull-Ups
  16. Vajrasana
  17. Shalabhasana