Language Disorders

Most infants or toddlers can understand what you are saying well before they can clearly talk. As they mature & their communication skills develop most children learn how to put their feelings in to words. but a child with a language disorders may have trouble understanding words that they hear and read.

But some children have language disorders. they  may have

1) Receptive language disorders

2) Expressive language disorders

Receptive language disorders

A child with receptive language disorder has trouble understanding language. They have trouble grasping the meaning of words they hear & see. This includes people talking to them & words they read in book or OD signs. It can cause problems with learning & needs to be treated as early as possible.

A child with receptive language disorders may have difficulty as

– Understanding what people say

– Understanding concept & Ideas

– Understanding what he or she reads

– Learning new words

– Answering questions

– Following directions

– Identifying objects

Expressive language disorders:-

A child with expressive language disorder has trouble using language. The child may be able to understand what other people say but he or she has difficulty when trying to fall and is often unable to express what he or she is feeling & thinking. it is not about difficulty speaking words but the disorders can affect both written and spoken language and children who use sign language can still have trouble expressing themselves.

A child with expressive language disorder  may have difficulty

– Using words correctly

– Expressing thoughts & ideas

– Telling stories

– Using gestures

– Asking questions

– Singing songs or reading poems

– Naming objects

Language disorders can have many possible cases. Although your child language disorders may be the primary concern it is often secondary to a medical condition or disabilities may include a brain disorder like injury or tumor , Autism other may include birth defects such as Down syndrome, Fragile X- Syndrome or Cerebral palsy problems in pregnancy or birth , such as poor nutrition , fetal alcohol syndrome, early birth or low birth weight may lead to language disorders some times language disorder have a family history.

It is important to know that learning more than one language does not cause language disorder in children. But a child with language disorder will have the same problems in all languages.

Ayurvedic approach towards language disorder reflected as Vata Prakruti which is an important function of Vata Dosha & to be precise Vdana Vayu a subtype of Vata dosha. The indriya (Sense organ ) responsible for language is vagindriya ( Tongue ) that acts passively after receiving command from the shira ( Brain ).

Even though the production of language is governed by doshas & mana ( psyche ) is responsible for fine understanding of subjects for that our Special Ayurvedic Medicine Formulation have a good results.