Autism autistic spectrum disorder

Autism or autistic spectrum disorder are a graving problem of present era. That has shown alarming in increase in the fast decade. The prevalence of this condition in the world is very high in India its incidence rate is calculated per year 1 to 2 %. Through the factors like genetic problem autoimmune conditions and neurological abnormalities have been identified as the causes of autism for ASD. No definite reason is so far identified for the disorders in date.


Autism involves atypical brain development which orphan becomes apparent in behaviour and social development before child is 3 years old. It can be characterized bye impairments in social interaction and communication as well as restricted interest and sterotyped behaviour characterization independent of of underlying neurological defects. other characteristics include repetitive like task seen behaviour and scenery interests.


Genetic factors maybe the most significant cause for autism spectrum disorders. Autism prototype disorder for ervasive developmental disorder which is believed to be a complex genetic  and neurological disorder that generally throughout a person’s life.

child ayurvedic specialist in pune
child ayurvedic specialist in pune

Social Anxiety Disorder / Social Phobia

Social anxiety disorder or social anxiety is an excessive emotionalndiscomfort, fear, or worry about social situations. The individual is worried about being evaluated or scrutinized by other people, and there is heightened fear of interactions with others. Some children are naturally shy but such disorders make their life more miserable. But, choosing option like Ayurvedic therapy can make their life more playful and joyful again.

Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder

A panic attack is the sudden onset of a discrete, breif period of intense discomfort, anxiety or fear accompanied bysomatic or cognitive symptoms. Panic disorder is occurance of repeated panic attacks typically accompanied by fears about future attacks or changes in behaviour to avoid situations that might predispose to attacks. These kind of disorders are classified under Unmada spectrum of disorders in ayurveda, which respond very well to both internal and external therapies of ayurveda.

child ayurvedic specialist in pune
child ayurvedic specialist in pune

Phobic Disorders / Speciafic Phobia – Height, Fire, Water, Exams, etc.

Phobic disorders consists of persistent, unreasonable, intense fears (phobias) of situations, circumastances, or objects. Thefears provoke anxiety and avoidance. These disorders are classified as general or specific. Majority of the parents in India are turning towards ayurveda for eradication of these phobic disorders so that their children could enjoy a normal life again